Nakupenda Sandbank Tour


Nakupenda means “I LOVE YOU” in Swahili Language, the local language of Tanzania. The moment you see and step foot on this sandbank you will fall in love with this little island. Discover the beautiful underwater world around this sandbank with snorkelling.

In the morning, we board the dhow and set sail towards Prison Island. There, guests will enjoy a guided tour of a prison built for “rebellious slaves”, visit with giant Aldabra tortoises and snorkel with a guide to view the stunning array of coral and tropical fish that surround the island.

We then sail to the magnificent Pange Sandbank, a beautiful patch of white sand surrounded by turquoise waters. Guests can relax under the shade of our ample tents or swim in the warm water of the Indian Ocean.

All that activity sure builds an appetite! For lunch, guests will savor a delicious seafood BBQ served with a cool, crisp beer and other refreshing beverages. After lunch, snorkel among Clown fish and Moorish Idols or simply take a walk around the sandbank to witness the birdlife. By the time we set sail to town in the late afternoon, guests will have enjoyed one of their favorite days in Zanzibar.


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